"Never Diet Again" Online Summit

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling comfortable in your own skin, knowing you are worthy and perfect just the way you are. Imagine having a positive relationship with food; no more stress, no more tension, just enjoyment and nourishment. There is no need to diet, restrict or hate your body for one more minute.

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The diet rollercoaster gets worse every time we diet. We may "know" this but still we think "but just one more time so I can get this weight off and THEN I will be done". Or we worry if we aren't dieting we will be lost. Because...what else is there?

I am stoked that Jenna & Lauren from The Body Love Society are doing a summit on just this called > NEVER DIET AGAIN: How to get off the diet rollercoaster, find balance and live a healthy life you actually enjoy.

And because you are part of the Life With Lydia team, you get a free ticket reserved just for you! :) 


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This interview series is for you if you want to know how to ditch the diet once and for all and what you can do instead.

 If you would like to start making your life bigger instead of constantly trying to make yourself smaller then this speaker series is going to highlight how you can begin down this transformative path.

You will get insights into:

+ how to stop the body hate thoughts

+ how to create healthier habits without dieting

+ how to navigate a world obsessed with dieting

+ top tips on how to stop the food obsession

You will get useful advice from 22 of the top body image and anti-diet wellness experts on how to change your relationship with food, how you feel about your body and how to live a life full of joy and happiness that lets you no longer need to wait on the weight! 

I get questions about this all the time. I know it is a huge struggle, but the freedom on the other side is amazing. 


Get your free ticket here >>   http://bit.ly/neverdietagain10


PS : Be sure to reserve your spot so you don't miss my interview where I share my top tips on how to end binge eating and the diet cycle at the same time.