Freedom Story from Mindy

It all started with a difficult Phase in my life when I went through a breakup and thought it was all due to my Body shape and weight.

I developed anorexia and struggled with it for about 7 years. This eating disorder slowly developed into a Kind of bulimia: I would purge by moving and exercising a lot or take laxatives, although I was still restricting and depriving a lot.

One evening I suddenly lost it and ate all the Sweets and Candy I had at my flat in one go. I felt ashamed and was anxious as it this happened repeatedly and I slipped into the Habit of binge eating.

I felt alone and depressed, tried counseling and watched endless Videos on you tube by skinny Girls that said they knew the right way of eating and dieting. I became very unhappy and unsocial, the binge eating made me stop having Hobbies, made me an outsider, made me stop having any interests apart from eating and dieting... it was a vicious cycle.

All in all it kept going on for 5 years until I binged every single night, took Laxatives and restricted during the day just to binge in the evening, Feeling more and more awful and having Panic attacks. I had gained about 15kg by then.

Now I am not as afraid around Food as I used to be. I know that Food, and even Sweets, aren't my enemy and I've learned to slowly trust myself when it Comes to hunger signals.

I overeat and binge from time to time, but I don't beat myself up about it the way I used to, which makes the amount of Food become smaller.

Also as I know that I should and don't have to restrict after a binge, there are more days of normal eating, feeling actual hunger and satisfaction and I can allow myself to have candy when I want to.

I know it might take some more time for me to fully recover, as I've been having the habit for so many years, but ALL the BRILLIANT skills I've learned in this program are all that I Need for the time to come and I'm prepared to be fully recovered.

This program gives you so much strength and Motivation and I've met so many beautiful and authentic People here!